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World of Warcraft to Revamp Dungeon Difficulty and Rewards in Dragonflight Season 4

  • Posted 13/03/2024

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In the upcoming Dragonflight Season 4 of World of Warcraft, dungeons are undergoing a series of changes, with difficulty and rewards being reworked. Expect alterations in level requirements, rewards, and adjustments to enhance dungeon longevity, offering end-game players more to delve into.

Blizzard has shared details about the upcoming changes, driven by several objectives. Primarily, Heroic dungeons and Mythic dungeons fail to hold player attention when the Mythic+ season kicks off, making Mythic+ feel like the "real" season, with others merely getting a stable game when introduced. Furthermore, Mythic+ relies heavily on timers, leaving skilled end-game players seeking a strategic and methodical challenge without time pressure.

With the overhaul, Normal dungeons will remain as they are, but Heroic dungeons will be adjusted to "Mythic 0", with increased rewards and difficulty to match the current Mythic level. Current Mythic dungeons will have increased difficulty and rewards akin to +10 dungeons with affixes. The aim is to turn Mythic into a mega-dungeon-like experience. There are no timers here, so those seeking a good end-game challenge with valuable rewards will have this option.

Mythic+ will receive a series of adjustments to increase rewards "+2 from what would normally be +11 in the current Mythic+ system". There will be a narrower range of key levels to find groups, and they are looking to make progression feel significantly earned.

Although these may seem like many revisions, the WoW team asserts that the basic structure of rewards isn't changing much. What is changing is when and how you earn them, and the dungeon options for different types of players.

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