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ArcheAge 2 Postpones Release to Post-2025

  • Posted 22/03/2024

MMORPG , Geral

For enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the release of ArcheAge 2, they will have to extend their patience considerably. According to Kakao Games' latest financial report, the game will not see the light of day before 2025.

In previous disclosures, both in the financial report and the company's earnings conference in November, there was an expectation that Kakao Games and XL Games could unveil substantial details about the game at Gamescom in August this year, followed by a closed beta test in 2024. However, these plans indicated a release no earlier than 2025, with the possibility of extending even beyond that year.

Recently, the fourth-quarter report of 2023 presented the game listed as "post 25," indicating that the release will not occur before 2025. This information, initially shared on Reddit and later cited by MOP, emerged discreetly in the financial report, without a formal announcement, which may have gone unnoticed by some for weeks.

ArcheAge 2 was originally announced in 2020 and, despite some delays, was scheduled for release later this year. Kakao Games' projections maintained the expectation of a release at some point in 2024 until the information disclosed in November altered this scenario. The game promises a new approach, standing out for large-scale PvP and aiming to attract a Western and global audience.

Although Kakao has shown enthusiasm for some time, it seems that the development of ArcheAge 2 is extending beyond what was anticipated. With months ahead until Gamescom, it remains to be seen whether Kakao Games and XL Games will proceed with the planned revelations for the event.

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