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Title: The Arrival of Albion Online's Foundations Update on April 15

  • Posted 27/03/2024

MMORPG , Geral

Preparing for a significant transformation, Albion Online is marking April 15th for the release of the long-awaited Foundations update. This announcement heralds a host of exciting changes and promises to revolutionize the game's dynamics.

One of the most notable additions in this update is the introduction of Fortifications, which promise to redefine guild warfare strategies. These defensive structures offer an additional layer of territorial protection, allowing players to strengthen their positions and resist enemy attacks more effectively. This new dynamic not only extends the duration of battles, giving defenders more time, but also balances the odds between guilds of different sizes.

Another novelty is the Siege Standards, essential for invading or conquering territories. Positioned near desired targets, these standards gradually weaken enemy defenses, making room for subsequent attacks. However, carrying the standard is not without risks, as bearers are subject to enemy attacks that may result in the loss or even destruction of the standard.

Territorial Activity Chests also come into play as part of the rewards offered during sieges. Packed with treasures and available for daily plunder, these chests encourage guilds' active participation in the region's PvE activities, becoming valuable targets during peak hours.

With Prime Time beginning on each server, Fortifications become vulnerable, and Territorial Activity Chests are exposed to attacks. The location and value of each chest will be clearly indicated on the map, increasing competition among guilds for possession of these precious resources.

These changes promise to revitalize the Albion Online experience, offering players new strategies and exciting challenges on the battlefield. With the imminent arrival of the Foundations update, Albion's adventurers are gearing up for an era of unprecedented warfare and conquest.

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