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New World unveils all 100 Season Pass rewards, from skins, dyes, supplies to emotes, and two new artifacts

  • Posted 29/03/2024

MMORPG , Geral

The New World Guardian Season is back with a new release date, and the team has now revealed the reward tracks players can pursue across both tiers of the Season Pass.

The season is kicking off on April 2nd, so there are just a few more days to get ready. Continuing their trend of improving rewards and transparency, the team has now outlined what the 5th season might yield, including new skins, seasonal emotes, Fortune Marks, and new artifacts. The free track is open to everyone, and it even includes two new Artifacts, the Creed Boots at level 20, and the Phoenix Amulet at level 80.

Also on this season’s tracks are flower fireworks gesture licenses, faction tokens, coins, dyes, crafting boxes, and food gifts. These seasonal emotes include Shadowbox and Celebration Wave. The overall reward tracks are similar to other seasons, but the variety this time shifts with seven seasonal weapon skins, one seasonal shield skin, one seasonal helmet skin, and four seasonal tool skins. There's also a set of seasonal armor skins covering five pieces in the Hecate's Disciple set.

With the ability to see exactly what you'll get at all 100 levels of the season pass, it's easy to make the decision whether to opt for the premium pass or not. Even in the free track, there are a host of useful items, food gifts, and plenty of skins to enjoy. The free track sometimes includes furniture items, while the premium track will give you everything in the free track and also the item schematics. Of course, you'll also receive more coins, marks, and Azoth in the premium track.

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