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  • Posted 21/02/2019

The Russian teams, ROX and Vega Squadron, were warned by Riot about the disrespectful position they had concerning the Vaevitics team, a team only with women.
While the ROX excluded five supporting champions in the match against Vaevitics, which was considered by the community as an action that had as a goal to humiliate the players, Vega Squadron extended the game more than it should, being interpreted by Riot as a sports action and lack of fair play.



Although no severe punishment has been applied, Riot said stricter measures could be put in place if ROX and Squadron reacted negatively during the games.
In an official statement, the company stated that it does not accept discrimination based on sex or any reason, hoping that all LCL players will have sporting behavior and respect for their opponents. He also made it clear that ROX and Vega Squadron players violated numerous league rules as well as points from the Summoned Code.


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Posted by Livia Dias

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