• 22/02/2019

During the CDM Macau of Dota 2, a never seen event took place on the last Thursday, February 21st. Vladimir "No One" Minenko and Pavel "9pasha" Khvastunov, members of the Virtus. Pro team, were spotted playing Apex Legends at the moment that the team was picking and banning the characters against EHOME. Despite the momentary distraction with Apex, the team managed to win the match and secure the lead.






However, didn't go unnoticed by criticism of its disinterest in the tournament and had to deal with Invictus Gaming in an attempt to silence the negative comments. Although it had fought a difficult match, which almost led to the victory for the IG, managed to reassume the leadership.
The CDM Macau started on the 20th and runs until the 24th, with the grand finale that will award the winner with US$ 300,000.


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Posted by Livia Dias