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  • Posted 25/04/2019

Over the last few months, Bluehole has been working on a new MMORPG that would bring gamers a unique experience, interweaving fantasy and technology. After months of anxiety, this Thursday, the 25th, Ascent Infinit Realm was released.

Combining numerous combat possibilities and customization, A: IR has become the most anticipated game for regular MMORPG gamers. The high tech universe can be explored with five classes of playable characters, these being: Witch, Mystic, Warlord, Assassin, and Gunslinger.
Also, the game contains combats in PvP system, enjoying aerial vehicles and advanced equipment for the player to fight engaging battles.

The most adventurous players will be able to enjoy the classes to explore the magical universe with technological resources, creating a multitude of actions.
It is worth mentioning that Ascent Infinit Realm had its development totally based on Unreal Engine 3, an engine that enabled the game to have an amazing graphics quality as presented in the official trailer of the game released earlier this year by the publisher PlayPark. 



Based on steampunk, A: IR is only available for PC.


If you have gameplay issues, learn how to ping by clicking here.

Posted by Livia Dias

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