• 30/04/2019

On Tuesday, the 30th, Kurtzpel is available in Early Access on the Valve platform. KOG Games, developer of RPG, announced that the download on Steam could be done by the players.

The Korean studio, creator of the famous MMO's Elsword Online and Grand Chase, promoted Kurtzpel an online action multiplayer, with ambiance and characters with explicit references to Japanese anime traits, without losing the fundamental characteristics of an RPG.

Featuring several unique abilities, an arsenal of weapons and melee attacks, Kurtzpel still features PvP and PvE fighting modes that get players to deal with combat and challenging goals in every mode offered in the game universe.



Also, the player is free to customize his/her character, being able to select weapons, costumes and accessories, being able to enjoy the creativity when constructing the physical characteristics. Although the game does not offer classes, there is a differentiation between characters through the role that the weapon used in combat has. Weapons can play the role of "breaker" and "slayer" within the RPG.

With a server in South America, Brazil, Kurtzpel will get servers both in Europe and Asia between June and July.

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Posted by Livia Dias