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Fortnite is finally adding ranked play

  • Posted 16/05/2023


Epic Games has recently announced an exciting new update for Fortnite, introducing a ranked mode in the popular battle royale game. In a surprising twist, this new mode will remove the iconic building mechanics that have been a defining feature of Fortnite since its inception. This change aims to provide a fresh and unique experience for players who prefer a more grounded and focused gameplay approach.

The introduction of the ranked mode in Fortnite brings a competitive edge to the game, allowing players to test their skills and climb the ranks against equally skilled opponents. By removing the building aspect, players will need to rely on their shooting accuracy, strategic positioning, and quick decision-making abilities to secure victory.

This innovative update comes as a response to the feedback from a significant portion of the Fortnite community who expressed their desire for a mode without building mechanics. The ranked mode offers an alternative playstyle that caters to players who enjoy a more traditional battle royale experience.

With the elimination of building, players will experience reduced latency and improved gameplay performance. The absence of complex building structures and rapid construction will result in lower ping, reduced lag, and increased FPS (frames per second) for smoother gameplay. This change not only enhances the overall gameplay experience but also provides a solution to common issues such as packet loss, jitter, and disconnections.

In light of these gameplay improvements, players can further optimize their Fortnite experience by utilizing NoPing. NoPing is a leading network optimization tool designed specifically for gamers. With NoPing, players can significantly reduce their ping, effectively minimizing latency and ensuring a stable and reliable connection. Additionally, NoPing offers solutions to packet loss, jitter, and disconnects, further enhancing tFortnite is finally adding ranked play
he gaming experience.

By utilizing NoPing, Fortnite players can unlock the full potential of their gameplay, eliminating frustrating network issues and enjoying a seamless and competitive ranked mode. With reduced ping, improved latency, increased FPS, and stable connectivity, NoPing proves to be the ultimate solution for optimizing Fortnite's performance and taking players' gaming experience to the next level.

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