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  • Posted 24/05/2023

Amazon Game Studios is quick to follow up on the release of New World’s first season with the announcement of season number two. Dubbed “Blood of the Sands,” Season 2 brings with it a distinct DUNE-like theme set in a desert wasteland, complete with a colossal sand wurm known as the Devourer.

Blood of the Sands will also introduce a range of new features and improvements, including a 20-man option for raids, a new 3v3 PvP map, cross-world Outpost Rush tweaks, and the highly awaited transmog system which will let players customize their gear for appearance and style points.

Season 2’s launch will also mark the return of the Summer Medleyfaire event and a brand-new season pass with a whole new set of rewards to unlock. The update will be up for testing on the public test server starting this Thursday.

Meanwhile, players on the First Light server will have to put their in-game plans on hold as Amazon takes the server offline temporarily for a major rework. Guilds and homeowners on the server will be given refunds and will be entitled to housing escrow.

Blood of the Sands is set to kick off on July 6th. More information can be found on the New World official site and in the May developer update video below.

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