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  • Posted 26/05/2023

ZeniMax Online Studios continues to hype up Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom as we count down the days to the new chapter’s launch on PC on June 5th. One of the highlights of the upcoming chapter is the new Arcanist class, which the team shines the spotlight on in its latest Necrom preview video.

The Arcanist is a versatile warlock-inspired class who draws power from Hermaeus Mora himself to gain access to a wide range of destructive, healing, and defensive magics. Oh, and he can also summon otherworldly tentacles to do his bidding. Arcanists will be able to unlock three unique skill lines and will need to master the class-exclusive Crux combo system which significantly increases the potency of any skill used.

Combat Lead Brian Wheeler shows off the new class with both actual in-game footage and cinematics in the video below. Expect to see a lot of glowing green magic. Enjoy!

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