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Diablo IV: First 1000 Players Who Reach Level 100 in Hardcore Mode Will Receive One-Time Permanent Reward

  • Posted 30/05/2023

Diablo IV's Hardcore mode now has even higher stakes – immortalize the first 1000 players who reach level 100 by adding their name to a statue of Lillith.

“Think you can cheat death?” asked Blizzard in a tweet (below). “Reach level 100 in hardcore mode and tweet #Diablo4Hardcore with proof of having your username immortalized on a statue of Lilith.”

Diablo's infamous hardcore mode has the highest stakes of all - the death of a character will permanently exclude them from the game. But if you can run without succumbing to any of Diablo IV's monstrous bosses, you can have your BattleTag immortalized forever.

You must meet certain conditions to secure the reward

In addition to reaching level 100 in hardcore mode, players will also need to submit proof, in the form of a photo or video, to Blizzard. The terms and conditions also state that you will need to tweet on the official Diablo account about your achievement using #Diablo4Hardcore while also mentioning your BattleTag. Of course, you'll also have to have the title of Tempered Champion in-game, but that's automatically awarded when you reach level 100 in hardcore mode.

The contest starts when Diablo V Early Access launches on June 1st and ends when the first 1000 names are gathered or on September 1st if less than 1000 players reach that point.

The title will be officially released on June 6, 2023 (early access players can play it earlier). Want to read more about Diablo IV? The accessibility features you might find in the next sequel or how many hours it will take to reach endgame.

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