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How to Fix High Ping – Apex Legends | NoPing Best Solutions

  • Posted 09/06/2023


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High ping is a nightmare in many games nowadays. Whether we like it or not, it is our reality, and probably most of you reading this article had a lagging problem in the past. And it’s always at the worst possible moment, when you were THIS close to getting that final shot, just to end with nothing.

Well, we have heard you, and we bring – solutions! You can say goodbye to your Apex Legends ping spikes and say hello to becoming a legend. At NoPing, we believe you have the right to play Apex Legends and only be mad because the other players were cheating, not because of your Apex Legends server status.

We’ve created a comprehensive guide to help you get over all of the problems and eliminate any Apex Legends lag in our sight. Of course, if you are not interested in our service, you can still play Apex Legends with issues or try one of our free-of-charge solutions. And – here are some of them that may be to your liking.


No Ping with NoPing!




Let us first review some of the more advanced solutions to fix Apex Legends lag spikes we can provide you here at NoPing. As you have probably noticed, we are all about getting rid of this high-ping problem you may be encountering in gaming. Whether it’s a network connection issue, game lag, or anything else, we have you covered! Hundreds of happy customers can vouch for us and our product.

What we’ve done is that we crafted a great toolbox full of your favorite solutions that will improve your gaming and make you the Apex Legend that you always knew you could be. We have a high-performance, latency reduction, lowering ping extravaganza just waiting for your call. If you want to find a solution to the Apex Legends game, or any other, be sure to check out our offer at the NoPing website for more details!


7-Day Trial

We have a great 7-day trial offer prepared for you so that you can say goodbye to all your Apex lag issues and welcome the glory of low-ping gameplay. During those seven days, we are positive that we will be able to convince you to invest in our product and stay with us. Apex Legends lag issues can be irritating; we know and understand that.

But if you still feel like it’s too much for you, that’s also ok! We have provided some solutions for you to check that might work out! Whether Apex Legends compatibility settings or Internet Service Provider issues, we have something for every problem. Sometimes though, it’s just not enough, so for those of you who still would like to check out some more advanced features from NoPing – you are more than welcome!

Or you check out our blogpost on how to fix ping in easy steps.


What Is Ping?




Let us start with explaining the issue at hand – ping. What is it, and why is it causing so much trouble worldwide? Well, it is one of the most important issues when it comes to gaming, but it is only a measuring tool. 

Ping is essentially the signal your computer sends to the server after you click a button on your keyboard or gamepad. After releasing it, it goes to the Respawn server in Frankfurt or wherever you are and returns to your gaming experience. Ping is the time it takes to go from point A, your computer, to point B, the servers, and back. 

In some games, you can actually see the ping you are dealing with in this particular game. It is presented in the form of numbers or green/yellow/red lines that gives you some understanding of the connection you are dealing with. And it’s pretty important to keep it as low as humanly possible because even 2 ms can make or break your game, so be sure to check out how your ping is doing.


High Ping vs. Low Ping


Apex Legends connection issues


So, what is considered to be a high-ping situation? Well, it depends. One ms is 0.001 second, so it feels like it is not that much, but just think about all the situations when that split second could change the outcome of a fight. As you see, getting it as low as possible is so important.

We usually differentiate between best, good/average, and high-ping when discussing how it impacts the game.

  • Low ping is when you can travel the information under 20 ms; this is usually enough to play the game without any issues whatsoever comfortably.

  • Good/average ping is around 50-100 ms; you may think it’s good, but it is borderline unacceptable in 99.9% of cases; just imagine having to wait twice as long as your opponent in every single combat; that’s just insane!

  • And finally, we have high ping, over 150 ms; you can pretty much close the game at this point and call it a day. No one thinks that this is a playable scenario. Think about it this way – you are constantly sending out dozens of commands to the server, imagine them coming back to you at 0.15 second; with 7-8 of those, you lose a second; a whole second in online gaming is forever, to be frank, and so is in the Apex world.


What Are Some of the Causes of High Ping?


High Ping


Well, there are plenty of those to go around, from game settings, corrupted game files, internet issues, and just overall – everyone at the office having a bad day and no one to pick up after them. Respawn Entertainment probably had similar days in their past (like when they broke PvP against Mirage). 

Nevertheless, here are some reasons you may be experiencing that kind of issue. 


Internet Service Provider Quality

Oh yes, ISP-related problems are the cause of most issues with lags in the game. As you can imagine, if you have a not-that-reliable service provider, you will quickly notice that the problems seem to be stacking. You have to find another way after another in order to fix the lag or see if your packets were lost in the sending process.

It is sometimes hard to fight against, as most Internet Service Providers are geo-restricted, meaning – you don’t have that much of a choice as there are no other providers in sight. In that case, you can always call them and ask what’s going on. They can sometimes help you out.


Internet speed test



The next thing that can influence the quality of your internet connection is your internet speed. As usual, the faster, the better. If you can send the information to the server at a higher rate, you will receive it back faster. If you are constantly getting bad results, you may check with your ISP provider if there are some better options for you in that case.



Additionally, you may be experiencing bandwidth issues as well. Especially in high-demand times, many people will use the internet during the same hours, especially if you live in a home with people who work similarly to you, using the same wi-fi. It can cause a problem, especially with packets lost during this process, as the bandwidth may not be enough for you to work simultaneously.


Windows Defender


Sometimes – it’s all about security. Well, in a bad sense in this case. Firewalls are great for protecting us from different kinds of threats, but they are also a pain if you want to launch anything they do not know. In this case, a firewall may protect you from fully engaging with the title.



And the last most common issue with lagging is – where you live. Well, we are not judging your lifestyle, but simply stating the fact that getting information to the server that is located in a village next to you or 654 kilometers away to some place in Sweden – it makes a difference, doesn’t it? Well, you can always try getting some Apex Legends VPN server going on for personal use, but you can’t really cheat the reality like that, to be honest.


Ping In Apex Legends!

Now after this brief introduction to the awful world of ping and ping-related issues in gaming, let’s get on with our main course – Apex Legends. Here are some of the solutions for your DUI session with this game. Of course, we’re gladly help you with that, but you can still check if those methods suit you. Let’s get on with this, then!


How to Fix High Ping in Apex Legends?

There can be a lot of issues that may cause high ping in Apex Legends. Some of them are rather basic, and some are more complicated. Overall, the game is all about fast-action, gut-wrenching lag-free experience, and so are we! Here are some of the reasons and solutions to your Apex Legends lags!


Internet Connection in a home


The first thing you need to check is your internet connection. Of course, it may feel like a standard IT department answer (have you tried turning it on and off again?), but it has a lot of potential in solving even the most complex issues. Somehow, resetting your router/modern can change the whole lag situation. 

There are multiple reasons why it may be like this. Maybe you just had a terrible channel you were connected through. Maybe there were other issues at hand that you just could not bear. Maybe, just maybe, someone was furious at you at the ISP’s place. Whatever it was, turning it off and on again can change how it works. Just remember to wait sixty seconds, as it will clear all the issues with the cache and everything else.

You can also try getting rid of some devices connected to the same network. Sometimes you may encounter issues with the connection because the bandwidth is so overwhelmed with devices that, even if it may be fast, it gets clogged with hundreds of gigabytes of data that your tablets or phones are downloading to update some app you don’t even use anymore.




Apex Legends Patch Notes


Updates can also help out. Make sure your hardware is up to date. Check your router, graphics card, and everything you can. You can’t imagine how many connection issues are caused by such simple things – for example, you didn’t have your second USB port updated, so we couldn’t send all of the data in Apex Legends.

Well, no one knows how computers work as it seems, and it may just be why you have those kinds of issues. Updating is also good for your entire computing environment, so you will do yourself a favor.



We mentioned before that a firewall may cause some issues with lagging, which is still valid. To get rid of that problem, you need to see if your Windows Defender is blocking the game or just add it as an exception to your firewall. Do it similarly in the case of every other firewall you are using. We can’t provide a detailed explanation of how to do it because there are many different firewalls, but it is very similar in most cases.


Task Management

Many opened tasks can also influence how your game performs and how much lagging you get. To check out if you have some unnecessary tasks in the background that you should probably take care of, click Ctrl+Alt+Delete, open Task Manager, and end all the unnecessary functions. 




DNS example


Additionally, you can also take care of the DNS cache. The high-ping situation can be caused by clogging of cache, and you should then do what we call in the industry a DNS “flush.” You don’t need to worry about breaking your computer; you just need to follow those instructions, and you will be okay.

First, click the Windows button and put cmd in the search bar. The command prompt will show up. Type this in the window:


ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /registerdns

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

netsh winsock reset

After that, restart your computer and check if you are still experiencing high ping. It may not be a permanent solution, but it should help, even if just for a certain period. But, if that does not solve your problem and you are still having trouble, check the next step.


Graphics Settings


Apex Legends Graphics Settings


And sometimes, the problem is the graphics settings. It’s evident that getting your game server ready is a priority, but sometimes your graphics can pose an issue. Maybe your graphics card does not have enough VRAM to go through with the graphics, so it slows down showing you the world of Apex, and in return – slowing down your reaction time. 

There can be plenty of graphics issues, so you need to check if you have minimum requirements for the game, and if not, lower the graphics settings, restart the game, and see if it changed anything when it comes to the lagging.


How to Fix High-Ping – Apex Legends – Conclusion


Apex Legends characters drawn


And here we are, at the end of our road, full of great information on how to get rid of high-ping in Apex Legends. We hope this article was informative for you and you also had some fun playing it.

The main thing is that you just need to check everything step-by-step first before getting into some pricey decisions. Higher internet speed may be expensive, so check if you can remedy the problem yourself first. You can use one of our methods to see if it works out for you, or just go ahead and start your free 7-day trial and NoPing to get your lag-free game!

Additionally, we would be happy to hear from you if you have any questions regarding those issues. Whether you had problems with your Internet Service Provider, you had to update Apex Legends, or you just had an unstable connection, we wish all your issues would be resolved. And if we could help you with that – that’s a bonus!

Thank you so much for checking out this article; we will see you next! Stay ping-free!


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