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  • Posted 22/05/2019

This Wednesday, the 22nd, Fortnite announced new skins and game mode in partnership with the brand Jordan Brand. To promote Creative Mode, Fortnite has sealed this collaboration with the brand of former player Michael Jordan, one of the most famous names on the NBA scene. Among the novelties of this union, the Downtown Drop LTM area stands out. The developer of the game, Epic Games, has summoned dedicated artists in the creation of the Creative Mode to elaborate this new space, that gives ideal elements for the lovers of the skateboard. Also, players can purchase Clutch and Grind cosmetics in the store, both containing streetwear and Air Jordan 1 sneakers. Fortnite has held numerous partnerships involving pop culture icons. In April, the battle royale released Avengers: Ultimatum skins, and recently featured a game mode inspired by John Wick's universe.   Developed by Epic Games, battle royale is available on PS4, PC and Xbox One. If your is unstable, learn how to reduce your ping and have a fantastic experience.  

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    Posted by Livia Dias

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