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  • Posted 24/05/2019

May 25 is a date celebrated worldwide as Nerd Pride Day or Towel Day. The origin of this date is directly linked to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxies, a series of books written by Douglas Adams. Once connected science fiction and humour, the book gained space and recognition among the nerd audience. The towel became the trademark of this work, as the author devoted himself to describing it as a necessary item for venturing into space and surviving the dangers.     Once the author died on May 11, 2001, fans of the books decided to take action two weeks after his death. Several readers of the series placed a towel over the shoulder or hung in the backpack, and walked the streets honouring Douglas Adams and his creation. After this event, the geek community moved back to that date in mid-2006. A group of Spanish nerds decided to do a similar act, reaffirming their tastes on May 25 precisely because of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope. Thus, the two events were unified. Currently, Nerd Pride Day celebrates all existing "nerding," from movies and series to anime, books, games, comics and technology.        


This year, celebrate Towel Day playing online without lag and disconnects in your game! Join GEEK PRIDE DAY and compete for 1 month of free NoPing. The challenge will involve a question, and the most creative answer will win the prize. To compete this Saturday, the 25th, just look the official Facebook page. Use the coupon GEEKNP to get a 20% off on any NoPing's plan. So don't panic with high ping and don't let go of your favourite game on this prime date for any nerd.   Posted by Livia Dias

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