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  • Posted 27/05/2019

Conan Unconquered would be available to players earlier than expected. Last Friday, the 24th, the publisher Funcom announced that rather than launching on the 30th, Lawrence Poe announced that the game will be released on Wednesday, the 29th. Uniting the survival and strategy genres, Conan Unconquered seeks to portray the brutality of King Cimmerian's universe while employing in the player the constant need to defend itself from the hordes of enemies that gradually emerge.   In this way, the intention is to create a survival experience against the wild hordes, in which the limited time establishes the atmosphere of the urgency of the actions of collection and application of resources in the defence. Based on Conan's universe: Barbaro, Conan Unconquered will be the first real-time strategy game in this universe. With single-player and cooperative multiplayer modes, the game will be released in both the Standard and Deluxe versions.  

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    Posted by Livia Dias

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