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  • Posted 03/06/2019

The demo of the Russian version of Lost Ark was released to the players last Thursday, 30th. Faced with the graphics quality and core mission, Lost Ark KR has become a long-awaited title for the MMORPG genre this year. Find out with the tips below how to register and connect in the game.  


OBS: To understand the information on the site and make your registration, use the Google Translate plugin ( ) so that it is possible to translate the pages of the website.     1. Login to the site: 2. Click the button:   3. A message will appear, giving you the ways to create your account. It is possible to register in the game through the VK or   4. To register via VK (, it is essential to have early registration on the social network. Click on the VK button and wait a few minutes.     5. To register with, click the Create Account button     6. Complete the requested data.       7. Search for the region code and enter your phone number (DDD + phone). Then click the button below to confirm the information.       8. Wait a few moments for the SMS on your cell phone with the security code.   9. Add the SMS code in the menu bar.   10. Finally, click on the "Subscribe" button.      


To connect in the game with Russian IP and get maximum optimization when playing MMORPG, follow the steps below:   1. Open the Lost Ark RU launcher. Wait for the updates to finish and the button becomes available to start.   2. Then download NoPing.    3. Click the button to access the free trial.   4. In the search bar at the top “Search for a Game”, type “LostArkRU”. The game image will appear below. Click on the game image and then select the server.   5. A new screen will appear, now click on the “PING” button, after that you will get the ping result on each server.   6. Ping NoPing for the best MS. Select the server and then click “Optimize this game.”   7. Wait for the Disconnect button to appear.     8. To check if it is working properly, after connecting to your game, return to the NoPing screen. In the right corner of the statistics your game name and ping should be showing.     9. If you feel unsteady when you start, use the Others tab servers.     10. If you want to earn 7 more free days inside NoPing, register through the trial page.        


1. Go to the AppData \ Local \ GameCenter game installation path 2. In the folder, edit the gamecenter.ini file   3. In APPRegion = type 188 to maintain the Russia region 4. In Lang change the value to EN to change the Launcher to English    

Prevent evil from spreading around the world! Find the Ark artifact without lag interfering with your mission!

Know all NoPing plans and ensure stability in your game!

    Posted by Livia DiaS

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