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  • Posted 06/06/2019

This Thursday, June 6, Riot Games released a teaser of Qiyana, the new champion of LOL. Known as Empress of the Elements, Qiyana apparently possesses control over nature and carries as a weapon an arc of blades. In the description of the published video, Riot Games still quoted in two sentences, the possible relationship between the Empress and the people of Ixaocan. The release of the new LOL champion has not yet been revealed, nor its abilities. However, in April, the developer released information from two other characters who will arrive in the game later this year. One is a killer, and the other is a sniper. Both tend to offer, respectively, a different and innovative way of using the scenario, and mechanics little traditional in combat. According to the proximity of the disclosures of these characters, it is possible that the champions arrive with Qiyana in Summoner's Rift.    

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    Posted by Livia Dias  

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