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  • Posted 17/06/2019

The second season of Overwatch Contenders begins on Monday, the 17th. The tournament consists of eight teams, who in the next few days will play each other the championship crown. Last Thursday, Blizzard announced the Brazilian committee, which will be composed by Vinicius "pOkiz" Zanquetta as manager and Yuri "Insanityz" da Silva as a coach - both of the team Lowkey Esports. As the leader of the community was selected Mateus "Portilho" Portilho, social media of Cloud9.   OVERWATCH CONTENDERS SECOND SEASON     Currently champion of the tournament, Lowkey Esports is among the eight teams that begin the fighting on Monday. However, his main challenge will be to maintain his leadership position. Considering that in the next few days he will face teams like Fury, runner-up of the previous season. Overwatch Contenders Second Season begins at 7 pm Monday and will continue with fierce clashes until July 14, ending its Phase 3.    

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    Posted by Livia Dias

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