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  • Posted 25/06/2019

In anticipation of the launch of the new World Of Warcraft path, Blizzard has released a new HQ on its official website to complement the MMO. Being a prelude to the launch of path 8.2, the story turns to Gnomecan. This is an island that players can access after the update. Containing gnomes and modified mechanical beings, the new Blizzard HQ has a steampunk tone.  


In addition to the download link, the developer of World of Warcraft released the synopsis of Gnomecan:  
"No one is immune to death, no one except the people of Gnomecan. Years of obsessive research, he embarked on what could be his last adventure: a daring ploy to find Gnomecan and unlock the secrets of immortality before the end arrives. "
  As mentioned above on the premise, Gnomecan will be approached as a mere legend by all. However, an explorer decides to break such paradigms, unravelling the island and its secrets.    


World of Warcraft's Path 8.2: Battle of Azeroth will arrive this Tuesday, June 25th. In addition to Gnomecan, other locations will be added to the MMO along with a new Azerbaijani system, raids, and a remarkable increase in the number of missions. Developed by Blizzard, World of Warcraft: Battle of Azeroth has been available for Mac and PC since 2004. Path 8.2 will not be the only release for the MMORPG this year. On August 27 players will have access to the Classic version of the game, taking back the nostalgia and the best features of its first version.    

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