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  • Posted 26/06/2019

This Tuesday, the 25th, thousands of invited players started the closed beta of Astellia Online. The central objective of this CBT is to test server performance. In addition, collecting user data to support and analyzing progression performance is another focus of the test.   The closed beta of Astellia Online will be online until June 1st. Therefore, on these first days of testing players will be able to experience the standard state of the game, checking progression and problem areas.   Astellia Online is a classic MMORPG that brings innovations to the genre. Set in a vibrant fantasy world, players take on the Astellian heroes, who are focused on protecting the world's innocents from hordes of monsters. The game still features arenas that alternate between competitive and cooperative style.    

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Astellia Online       Posted by Livia Dias

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