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  • Posted 05/07/2019

Lost Ark KR will receive a new update soon. A class titled Assassin is the highlight of this update. Since the opening of its beta, Assassin is the second class of the game. The first, called the Lance Master, arrived a few weeks ago. The players get to change their position during the fight, according to certain situations.   Lost Ark KR   Although there is no accurate information about the Assassin class, players are waiting with expectations, following the success of Lance Master in Lost Ark KR. The update will also bring new islands for exploration and battle, as well as improved guild system and a new raid map. Currently, Lost Ark is an MMORPG only available in South Korea. Meanwhile, players resident in the West is waiting for the release of the Russian version. In May of this year, players from the West were able to test Lost Ark RU through a demo version.  

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Posted by Livia Dias  

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